Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday November 22. 2009

Sorry that I missed a couple of Sundays again. I'll talk about some of the things that happened over the past weeks. Caleb had a birthday and is now 12 years old and got to pass the sacrament for his first and second times, David did his final wrestling meet and now goes to weightlifting or soccer Ready-Set-Achieve after school, and Caleb and dad went to a Little-Filmont Training in Sargent Bluff for all of that Saturday from getting up at 5:30AM and at h fluteome at 7:30PM. Today, I think I'll tell you what the family plays that has to do with music. Misha: the violin ad the flute. David: Piano. Caleb: Some piano, tuba, and just this school year quit violin. Brian: Electric guitar. Joseph Lee: Nothing(yet :D) Mom: I'm trying to get her back on the harp but otherwise nothing really. And Dad: Violin. Well, hope you have a good evening and I'll check in again after Thanksgiving! Message for the week*: RAWRG!!!

* Every week I will now have one of these!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We are sorry for the LONG LONG LONG LONG wait for the next post. Mom finally convinced me (Caleb) to update the blog once a week, so here I am! Since it is November 1st, tommorow everyone will probably be sick with Halloweenious Candiness Diseasiness or Tooiuos Muchious Sugarious (Too much Halloween candy sickness :D) Also coming up is Caleb's Birthday!!! *solo clap* -_- He's just had his interview with Bishop Foster and next Sunday will recieve the Aaronic Priesthood!!! Grandma and Grandpa are also coming. Anywise, about ages...>:D... Joseph Lee=8 Misha=10 Caleb=11(5 days till 12) Brian=14 David=15... and mom and dad are both 41 Since last time *phew* we got a new kitten,eventually named Pinball!!!! Well! Here are some pics and videos of him and that's about all for this week! Bye!

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